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Taking body massage once in a week will improve your immune and blood circulation. It also reduces stress and body pain.

We have plenty of massage services like Nuru, Oil , Deep tissue, Sandwich, Body to Body, Female to male massage & more.

If you want to take body massage in Bangalore, then visit our spa to take the best service.

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One of the major causes of stress and poor health in Bangalore is due to the busy nature and high activity level of the city. More people have migrated to the city in the last few years due to increase in the number of companies and businesses.

Work related pressure is on the increase and there is need to maintain a balance between good physical health and work. Pernia Spa offer a wide variety of therapies to prevent the common health issues associated with living in Bangalore.

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Here, at, we review some of the great therapies that would aid your physical and mental wellness while living in Bangalore at pretty much affordable cost. Our therapies would help reduce low back pain, increase your joint flexibility, relieve headache and migraine, stress and pain relief, muscle relaxation and many more. offers most of these uniques services at a flexibility that cannot be rivaled by the conventional parlour and Spa in Bangalore.

Massage in Bangalore:

Thai Massage

Unlike other forms of service done on a massage table, Thai spa is usually done on the floor mat. It borrows some of the techniques of yoga. Thai rubbing is targeted at reducing stress and muscle strains, promote flexibility and to reduce back pain caused by long hours of sitting.

Full Body Massage

As the name implies, full body spa is one of the techniques that encapsulates the art of pampering and giving pleasure to the body. Starting from the feet through to the Legs with rubbing oils while applying light pressures to the skin. These gentle stroke is transitioned to the lower back before the upper back is given attention. The neck and shoulders and then gently stroked to ease off the locked-in strains in the muscle. Because its a full body massage, the hands and the arms are not left as well as the head.

Female to male massage center:

Female to male massage is one of the best kneading services we are offer in our Pernia Spa in Bangalore. We offer all kinds of kneading treatments for both male and female. Contact Us to get parlour service with the offer price.

All Over Bangalore, We are the best female to male massage center. We have beautiful ladies to rub your body. More than 100 girls are available and you can choose whoever you need. So, Visit immediately to take female to male spa in bangalore.

Body to Body massage:

Female massage therapist rubs your body with her body. It gives the special feel. You all body parts are covered in this session. The friction of two bodies is the best thing to get relaxed.

Body to body rub is kind of female to male spa and you can choose any gender to rub your body. We have lots of beautiful ladies and housewives to rub your body. Aunties also available. So, Contact now to take b2b massage in bangalore.

We provide service for all 24*7 days in a week. So, Call Us anytime to have a Female to male Spa.

Foot Massage

The benefits of foot massage are amazing. After a long day, our feet tend to swell as a result of standing and walking. Foot spa improves blood circulation and prevents foot related injuries. Every once in a while, foot treatment is recommended for total relaxation.


The use of plant oils and herbs together with massage oils during the rubbing process. These are used to stimulate your nostrils when you inhale the aroma. Your heart rate and blood pressure as well as your breathing and memory are impacted. A common oil used for aromatherapy is Rose Oil which affects your level of stress.

Ayurvedic Spa

Originally from India based on the belief that wellness is dependent on the mind, body and spirit. Ayuverdic kneading helps to overcome fatigue, strengthens body tissues, aids sound sleep, flexibility and reduces pain. Oils are used extensively in Ayuverdic Manipulation. This has been known to increase the process of tissue regeneration.

Pressure strokes in this type of massage vary from active, passive and persuasive depending on the intensity of stroking. In Bangalore, Ayuverdic massage offers a soothing relief to the buzzling lifestyle of the city. Lower back pain relief, head ache, stress management, increased blood circulation, better disgestion, anxiety management and elimination of depression are some of the notable benefits Ayurvedic spa. Citiznes of ancient have practised this technique for thousands of years

Trigger Point Spa:

This focuses on specific regions of the body where there knots and tight fibers. They are called trigger points- hence the name of the technique.

Couple Massage:

Couple Massage allows two people to be massaged at the same time in the same room. These could be a little more romantic than the other types of services.

Swedish Massage:

In order to relieve muscle tension and energize you as well as after-injury healing , Swedish Massage offers a good solution. It makes use of soft stroking techniques on superficial muscles. Like some other spa techniques, Swedish Spa also improves blood circulation, pain relief, deeper and sound sleep.

massage in bangalore

Hot Stone Massage:

Warm stones are used by placing them on acupressure points of your body. Heat from the stones are transmitted deeply in to the body. This can offer exceptional relaxation to the body. Hot stone massage provides greater pain relief than most other rubbing techniques because the hot stones give a better penetration advantage.

This technique also improves blood circulation in the body due to heat that opens up the blood vessels.It has been proven that low circulation causes body fatigue.

Apart from body and muscle relaxation, hot stone spa improves mental wellbeing that may arise from depression and anxiety.

Sport Massage

Sports massage may be used for a number of purposes. It may be used for recovery by athletes after injuries. It may also be used before, during or after a sporting event for increased flexibility and help during training.

Chair Spa

Chair Spa is becoming popular in Bangalore because of the soothing relief to your head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Generally, the focus is on the upper part of the body. The beautiful thing about Chair spa is that you can receive it on- the- go. This is because massage is done while you are fully clothed and it is pretty much short time. So, out your busy schedule and daily routine, you can enjoy a Chair rub without having to undress or setting aside long hours just to get a massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:

When you have stiff and painful muscles, deep tissue massage is your best bet. The techniques deployed involves direct pressure on muscles and tissues deep beneath the skin. These techniques can help reduce chronic pain and muscle tension. It also improves blood pressure, repairs injured tissue and stress relief.


Based on ancient beliefs that the body has several pressure points, acupressure explores the relaxation power of applying pressures to the pressure points in the body. It uses techniques aimed at muscle relaxation, head ache relief, pain management, stress management, relief from back pain, mental wellness, increased circulation, improved immunity, alleviation of arthritis symptoms, stress management e.t.c .


During a Shiatsu Massage, the therapists rocks your body and applies pressure to specific points while causing the body to relax. When there is need to manage stress and pain, shiatsu provides a good alternative. Fingers thumb, elbows, knees and feet are used to relieve stubborn pain points. It specifically useful for reducing stress, pain management, head and neck pressure relief, increased digestion, mental wellness, joint flexibility, tight and tensed muscle relief e.t.c

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Spa is exceptionally useful to relief pregnancy related conditions pre and post natal. It helps for pregnancy aches and pains. Tense muscles are relaxed and improves circulation. Since the tommy is typically protruded during pregnancy, the question is how do you lie down for treatment? A special massage table and pad is usually employed here. This enables you to be able to lie face down with pains to the tender breast of belly.

Hair Spa

Hair Spa offers several techniques toward conditioning the hair for re-growth. A good example is Olive Oil Massage.

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What to expect at Body massage in Bangalore

At Pernia spa, you can order for your favorite spa therapist in and enjoy all the benefits above in the comfort of your home or wherever you so desire. We call it Spa services at your door step. Just like the way you add products to your shopping cart at online stores and check out products, premium spa services are now available at your door step. This service is exclusively for our clients and prospects in Bangalore.

Simply choose from the array of extremely professional therapist on this site and contact our customer care and you are set up for a breathtaking, never to be forgotten spa experience. The therapist are selected to satisfy a wide range of clients and exceed your expectations. Therapist are well trained in the art and science of the different types of massage.

Based on the increasingly hectic lifestyle of Bangalore, is bringing flexibility that has never been experienced in India. Apart from physical and mental wellness, priority is also given to scientifically proven health benefits of massage therapies. Bangalore, a buzzling city may not give allowance for regular visits at spa, hence is offering unique, tailor made services at your convenience in the comfort of your rooms, palours, offices, etc…

massage in bangalore

Why should you engage Pernia SPA?

Apart from the flexibility offerred in service delivery, services are also affordable. Most spa in Bangalore offer conventional and traditional spa services. Our services are unique are bespoke.

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