Customer Testimonial: Massage in Brigade Road (Bangalore)

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My Personal experience at Pernia SPA:

Here is my personal experience with Spa & massage In Brigade Road, Kindly read the article to get to know why you should visit this five star massage professionals.

The last month was especially stressful, what with having the closing and several new accounts in my kitty. A couple of my team members had flown the roost, for better options and we have been unable to find people suitable for those high end positions yet. And so I ended up carrying the slack, and I cannot tell you how exhausted I was. I just needed a few days of relaxation, along with a good dose of pampering and rejuvenation. Taking a few days off was out of the question, so I decided on a weekend of pampering. I booked for myself, a Spa & massage In Brigade Road , so that I could finally put my feet up, and feel renewed to face the coming week, which was going to be full of interviews and work, more work! I booked a session at the spa of a five star Spa & massage In Brigade Road.

And I was not disappointed! What a luxurious setting, and such state of the art amenities. It was one of the most well-equipped spas that I had ever seen in my life. I couldn’t believe I had never been here before, although I regularly go for a Spa Massage in Bangalore. The staff seemed very prompt and courteous, and as soon as they had confirmed my appointment, I was ushered into the waiting room. I had barely sat down into the plush lounge chairs for a moment that I was called into the massage room. They gave me a huge range of body massages, body scrubs, face scrubs, body wraps, Ayurveda therapies, and international treatments to choose from. Since I looked confused, they helped me by telling me what sort of treatments I should go for. I obviously wanted to feel relaxed, so I chose an ayurvedic treatment, and a body scrub. I thought I might go for a pedicure and manicure later.

I went for the body scrub first, and they used several ointments and gels to rid my skin of toxins and the dead, crusty outer layer. After they had finished, I felt great, and my skin felt new and sort of baby soft! Imagine that! After that, I was led towards my Ayurvedic treatment area, and the expert masseurs there knew exactly which muscles to knead and which nerves to press. I could feel the tension and stress leave my body. What a way to relax! No wonder this place is considered as the best Body spa in Bangalore. I want to come back again and again.

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