Luxury Spa Package & facial in BTM Layout (Bangalore)

luxury spa

Finding a spa and salon in BTM Layout that will fully take care of your needs is never that easy. That’s why we endeavor to bring you services that will offer real value for the money you spend. With plenty of luxury spa packages which target men and women, your work is to relax and let the therapists do the job. There are many services you can enjoy in a health spa, hair spa, aroma spa and Thai spa. Here is an insight of what you can expect.

Key Services


There are different types of massages that serve different purposes for various clients. While some are meant to induce relaxation and pain relief, others are used to detoxify the body and relieve anxiety among individuals. That’s why there are health spas, hair spas, thai spas, full body spas and more. Majority of the services offered may be offered in spas meant for men, women or unisex clients.

Some of the massage types you can find in BTM Layout spas include:

  • -Ayurvedic massage
  • -Foot and hand massage
  • -Aroma oil treatment
  • -Body detoxification massage
  • -Full body oil massage and more


Services under this category involve removal of unwanted hair from the face, dealing with black spots or getting rid of wrinkles. BTM Layout health spa will employ naturally formulated oils and treatment products to ensure you enjoy better results of every procedure. These services may be combined with massage therapies to deliver the ultimate healing and relaxation to your entire body.

Other Body and Hair Cleanup Services

Spa and salon services may extend to removing unwanted hair in other parts of the body through threading and waxing. All these treatments are done with the high quality products which mean the procedures involved are very safe. Other key services that can be found on a spa or salon include pedicure and manicure, reflexology, bridal packages, bleaching, hair smoothening and fringe hair cut.

How Much Do Massage Therapies And Hair Cleanup Services Cost?

The cost you’ll incur at a health spa or salon largely depends on the kind of services you go for and the length of time it will take for the treatment to be complete. For instance, a hand or foot massage that takes 40 minutes will cost less than a couple’s massage that takes 120 minutes. The cost will also vary depending on the kind of massage treatment you go for like relaxing massage, pain relieving massage, immune boosting massage or detoxification massage. The same applies to facials, hair treatments and manicures & pedicures.

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