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Sandwich Massage In Bangalore

The stressful environment, whether at work or at home is the cause of many problems. The stress is physically expressed by our body in the form of the pain of various kinds like the pain associated with head, muscles, body, and joints. A massage like a sandwich massage is a pleasurable means of relieving the stress and attaining relaxation.

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What is a Massage?

Massage can be explained as a person giving the massage known as Masseuse or masseur applying their body or body parts like hands and fingers on the body of a person getting the Massage to provide therapeutic benefits and/or relaxation. It involves manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and connective tissues. It can be therapeutic, exotic, relaxing, or sexual in nature. The Massages can be broadly classified into following three categories

  • Traditional massages
  • Exotic massages
  • Erotic massages

Traditional massages

These types of Massages are considered to be the basic massaging techniques such as Swedish massage. The involves a masseur using their fingers, hands, and feet as the tools for performing the Massage. Various massage therapy schools teach this type of massage techniques, the Swedish Massage being the most common and most messages being variations of it.

Exotic massages

As the name implies, this Massage type consists of massaging techniques/practices of places that are considered exotic such as Japan, Hawaii, China, etc. The Hawaiian massage practice called Lomi-Lomi Massage is the commonest exotic massage known to provide relief body aches. Certain Exotic massaging practices consist of a spiritual element.

Erotic massages

It’s considered as the most controversial, yet one of the most popular Massage forms. The client can be either male or female, whereas the masseur is mostly of the opposite sex. This Massage form has been practiced for centuries, it’s believed to be the most sexual of all massaging forms.

The Erotic Massage form is differentiated from other Massage forms on the basis of their principle area of focus. The primary area of focus in this form are the erogenous zones of the client that lead to sexual excitation and relaxation. These are performed to provide pleasure to the client as well as relief from various sexual ailments. The level of intimacy between the client and the masseur is the highest in Erotic massage.

The types of Erotic massages

The Erotic massages are focused on releasing the built-up stress and tension in your body and provide relief from sexual ailments thereby allowing you to enhance your well being. They are not necessarily focused orgasm or ejaculation rather in helping you to focus on the pleasurable experience of the message. The couples benefit the most by experiencing an intimacy otherwise improbable. The common types of erotic massages include Sandwich massage, body to body or Nuru massage, Tantric massage etc.

The Sandwich Massage

Sandwich massage is also known as Four hands or Duo massage. It involves two masseurs simultaneously attending a client and giving the client their full attention usually starting with a simultaneous back and foot massage. It’s an overwhelming and pleasurable visual and physical experience for the client.

Its benefits include the following

• Elimination of stress, fatigue, muscular tension and excess fluids
• Improvement in muscular mobility
• Help in relieving insomnia
• Facilitate the restoration of tissue elasticity
• Normalization of blood pressure

The sandwich massage is a popular practice in many of the Asian countries, especially the Southeast Asian countries. It usually involves two unclad female masseurs or masseuses massaging a client using oils, soaps, soapy water, or creams.

It may involve 37 to 40 massage movements and in spite of being a gentle massage form, it deeply soothes and rejuvenates the muscles, tissues, skin and blood vessels. It has the potential of turning into a body to body massage and it may have a ‘happy ending’ or not.

For people in Bangalore, there are a number of Spas and Massage parlors offering various Massaging forms. One such popular name is the lingamassage.com, they provide a number of massage services. All their masseuses are well aged between 20-30 years and are trained in-house.

Now you get the benefit of expert masseur services in your own city.

A sandwich massage is the best form of erotic massage you can hope for and it has the potential of turning into a number other massage forms like body to body massage. On a lighter note, one cannot get more pampered than being attended by two female masseurs at the same time.

So far you have learned lots of information about Sandwich and erotic massage services. Contact us for more details.

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